Cooking streamer summons Shenron after disappointing Dragon Ball Z feast

Twitch streamer IssaGrill and Dragon Ball Z's ShenronInstagram/issagrill/Toei

Twitch cooking streamer “IssaGrill” pulled out all the stops to ensure her Dragon Ball Z-themed feast looked up to par, including summoning the franchise’s wish-granting dragon, Shenron.

On January 20, the Canadian was attempting to recreate  a “meat course” from the latest video game in the esteemed anime series, “Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.”

In the game, players can unlock and cook recipes. The meat course consists of burning tofu, a meatlover’s meat feast, and a whole roast on the bone. However, IssaGrill decided to make her food resemble the game in appearance instead of copy the food to a tee.

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For instance, she made mapo tofu, teriyaki spam and hamburger steak to mimic the looks of the delicious-looking anime food as seen in the game.

“It looks so bad,” the streamer said while taking a photo of her creation. “Honestly, you’re right. It’s not looking up to standard.”

After admitting that it didn’t look as appetizing as the picture, IsaGrill grinned and unveiled 7 dragon balls on the screen before “summoning” a CGI Shenron.

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In the anime and manga, Shenron can be summoned once the seven dragon balls have been collected. The dragon then has the ability to grant wishes to whomever collected the orbs, such as bringing someone back from the dead, money and other spectacular powers.

Hilariously, IssaGrill’s version of Shenron looked poorly animated – but that simply added to its charm.

“I am Shenron,” the dragon said. “I shall grant you any wish.”

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Twitch streamer IssaGrill summons Dragon Ball Z's ShenronTwitch/issagrill
Shenron had some interesting comments about IssaGrill’s wishes.

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The streamer, however, tried her hardest to keep from laughing and waited a few good moments before responding. “Well, Shenron, I wish for the best dish in the world.”

“It’s already in front of you,” he replied, suggesting that the Twitch star had already made the best possible food in spite of her previous assessment.

“I guess I just wish for a smaller forehead?” the streamer jokingly replied, but wasn’t given the answer she had hoped for.

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“That wish is beyond my power,” he proclaimed. “I’m out of here… b*tch!”

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The skit marked an adorable to end her stream – with a nice incorporation of Dragon Ball Z lore, to boot.

If you want to check out Dragon Ball Z Kakarot for yourself, it’s available right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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