39daph rages at Greekgodx for infuriating backseat gaming

Kamil Malinowski
39daph rages at greekgodx over backseat gaming

Twitch streamer 39daph exploded at Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos for his ‘backseat gaming’ during an Escape from Tarkov run. 

39daph is a popular variety streamer that can be seen playing just about any game, as well as ‘just chatting’ with her viewers while drawing.

On January 21 she was trying out Escape from Tarkov, the newest Twitch trend, with fellow streamers Greekgodx and Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker. All three were still fairly fresh to the game, and just getting the hang of it.

Escape from tarkov tactical shooter
Escape from Tarkov is a tactical shooter where just one wrong move could see you lose everything.

Even when new to a game though, no one likes a backseat gamer. The act of directly telling another play what to do and where to do it is bound to be infuriating.

Daph was low on health after a tough fight and had no idea where to go as she was slowly bleeding out. Hassan urged her to loot the person she had just killed before moving on. But, as she began to do as instructed, Greek screamed for her to heal.

This caused her to go back and forth a few times, essentially wasting time, and she had finally had enough, exploding at Greekgodx: “You’re f**king making me anxious as f**k by telling me to do this and do that! Shut the f**k up Greek! You’re so f**cking annoying!”

Greek then fell silent for a short while, before finally apologizing for antagonizing daph.

The two made up without much issue and thanks to his (and Hassan’s) more useful advice she was able to survive and find an extraction point, barely saving a whole bunch of loot.

Of course, her chat absolutely loved the situation, both praising her for slamming Greek as well as laughing at her “meltdown”.

Greekgodx undoubtedly learned his lesson as well. He was much tamer following the outburst and will likely think twice about backseat gaming again – especially if 39daph is around. 

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