College student goes viral on TikTok after revealing her friends’ bank balance

Dave Deiley

A TikTok of a college student showing her own and friends bank balances has attracted widespread attention, being seen over 2.1 millions times already.

TikTok user ‘prettygirlsyddddddd’ has been casting light into an often shadowed part of friendships. Posting her own, and seven friends’ bank balances to the social media platform for all the world to see.

The video starts with the text: “I asked my friends to send their bank balance.” Followed by pictures of the friends and their accounts in succession.

The screenshots, though unverified, provided unique insight into the lives of the TikToker and her fellow college students.

Her friends had balances ranging from a top of $7909.44 in savings, credit, and debit, to $38.85 in a single checking account.

It’s a bold move to go this transparent with your financial life. A move that has found a strong response in viewers of the video, many of whom felt solidarity with the amounts shown.

Commenting that they felt in a similar position, one viewer replied to the video saying: “This made me feel like I’m not alone.”

Another comment stated: “No one is negative!” in a refreshing reminder to take everything with a positive spin.

The data to compile this chart was taken from 399 student replies to a survey conducted in 82 schools.

There was also appreciation to the TikToker for what she’s doing, stating: “Thank you for normalizing this.”

With a 2019 survey by OneClass showing that more than half of a surveyed group of students had between $0 and $1000 in savings, her friend group seems to be an accurate reflection of the average American student’s financial stability.

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