Diners shocked by bill after mistakenly thinking they were at an all-you-can-eat buffet

Lauren Lewis

A TikToker went viral after they shared a video of themselves along with a group of friends having dinner together, at what they thought was an all-you-can-eat buffet. However, this was not the case. 

A group of diners were shocked after they were hit with a bill that was totally unexpected. The video has since gone on to amass over seven million views.

“POV: You keep grabbing plates at a revolving sushi restaurant without checking the price of each plate and finally get the bill,” Amber captioned the video. 

We can see the whole table giggling nervously, clearly shocked by their mistake. “Guys, I thought it was like $70,” someone can be heard saying. 

In the comments section, Amber reveals that they were charged a total of $200 for their meals. 

“[I] just didn’t expect it to be that much especially cause the quality wasn’t that great,” she wrote. 

After the video was posted on the platform, people couldn’t wait to weigh in on the situation, finding the whole thing hilarious: “That man’s already checking his bank account across the table.”

One had shared a similar experience at the dining chain, writing: “Did the same thing and spent $250.”

“My friends and I did this at a hot pot place. We accidentally went about $65 over budget,” another revealed.

If you want to try an actual buffet though, KFC’s have been going viral.