Chloe Ting reveals she may end YouTube career: “I don’t know if it’s worth it”

Isaac McIntyre
Chloe Ting reveals she may end YouTube career: "I don't know if it's worth it"YouTube: Chloe Ting

YouTuber and fitness personality Chloe Ting revealed that she’s considering ending her channel soon, claiming that all the hate and people trying to take advantage of her is more than she can bear.

Chloe Ting runs one of the most successful fitness channels on YouTube. However, she claims it comes at the hefty price of people trying to come after her over every little thing she does.

In April 2021, a bunch of “gym bros” tried to criticize her workouts, so she collaborated with three of them to see if they could make it through one of them. And it didn’t take them long to realize it wasn’t a walk in the park.

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However, the hatred directed towards her hasn’t slowed down. In fact, she claims it’s worsened – especially after some people tried to “villainize” her by claiming she misled people and promoting eating disorders. And she’s had enough.

Chloe Ting YouTube Gym BrosTwitter: Chloe Ting
Chloe Ting has more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube.

“I’ve been thinking about quitting YouTube once and for all and just being done with it,” she confessed. “I’ve been burnt out for some time now. The stress, the pressure, and the hate… sometimes I just don’t know if it’s worth it.”

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Chloe explained that it feels like she’s “walking on eggshells” and has to watch “every little thing” she says. As explained, she said that something simple like her enjoying chocolate could “turn into an eating disorder.”

“Everyone on social media gets hate, and it’s normalized. But it gets really challenging and hurtful when some people try to villainize me,” she added, referring to accusations that she misleads people and promotes eating disorders.

Chloe also claimed that certain brands are “trying to take advantage” of her by selling merch under her name even though their products have nothing to do with her. And in the end, these issues are “putting a lot of weight” on her.

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Fortunately, Chloe hasn’t rushed into making the decision to call it quits yet.

After venting about the situation, she thanked fans for taking the time to listen and assured them that she’ll be back for another video, although she didn’t say when. Perhaps a bit of time off is all she needs to bounce back.

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