Chipotle manager reportedly fired after TikTok of calling the police over a customer complaint

Christy Mathew
chipotle manager in tiktok video screenshot

A Chipotle manager was fired by the company after a TikTok video of him calling the police on a customer went viral.

Fast food restaurants are almost always home to some wacky stories and strange goings-on, not least the McDonald’s Grimace shake trend that has been going viral throughout the summer of 2023.

The latest debacle has seen a fiery argument between a Chipotle manager and customer, regarding a complaint made about an order. But things escalated as the manager ended up calling the police on the customer.

What happened with the Chipotle manager?

In late May, a TikTok account going by the username @user875640854 posted a video, a repost from a since-deleted account. It showed a heated argument between a customer and a Chipotle manager. The TikTok has garnered over 300,000 views on the platform at the time of writing.

The TikToker had come into the store with a complaint about an order of two bowls which were missing steak. However, they failed to provide any evidence as the food had already been eaten.

“I’m happy to call and get you kicked out,” the general manager is heard saying at the beginning of the video. He requests the customer to leave before he makes the call but ends up calling them.

While the manager is talking to the police, the TikToker said, “If this goes viral… You’re gonna see.”

TikTok users’ mixed reaction

Many viewers on TikTok came to the defense of the Chipotle manager, as the video received mixed reactions. A comment read, “If you eat the food and don’t make the complaint until it’s gone, that’s on you. Otherwise, everyone would scam them.”

While another response under the video said, “Your kids ate the food and you came back expecting more food? lol”. A user asked who eats the entire meal and then comes for a refund.

But there was also support towards the customer as they called out the Chipotle manager. “@Chipotle it’s getting out of hand customer service a 0-10,” one commenter said.

TikToker claims Chipotle manager was fired

Another reaction under the TikTok video asked Chipotle if they will fire the manager and crew, something the customer claimed had happened in a follow-up video.

The description of the video read, “removing Davin as GM was the right decision,” as well as showing business cards for a Chipotle general manager called Maria Lopez, suggesting that somebody new had stepped up.

This video was met with a negative response as many users stated that the TikToker could have just called customer service and gotten a free entrée or full refund.

Another comment read, “If you get an employee fired for something this minuscule it only shows that ur unhappy in life and want to project. He’s got a family too.”

There have been no further developments regarding the situation.

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