Chef Rachel shades Below Deck’s “Instagram influencers” amid Season 10 drama

Michael Gwilliam
chef rachel blasts below deck influencers

Below Deck star Chef Rachel Hargrove is throwing some shade at the crew, as the fan-favorite is expected to leave the show after Season 10.

Chef Rachel has been one of the top Below Deck stars for some time now, but amid her seemingly leaving the Bravo reality show, she has been posting some snarky comments on social media.

Interestingly, Hargrove is quite an active poster on the Below Deck subreddit, where she’ll reply to fans’ questions and share some behind-the-scenes details about what her career is really like.

In response to a post asking about past crew members talking about how Below Deck influenced their yachting careers, Chef Rachel revealed that her own boat is a better experience because of who is on it.

Chef Rachel explains why her real boat is better than Below Deck

According to the chef, her real boat consists of a crew that all get along and have Game of Thornes watching parties.

“We respect each other’s work ethic and are a complete team. Real yachting is way better! [As opposed] to IG influencers with an STCW,” she said.

below deck rachel
Chef Rachel seems to be finished with Below Deck.

An STCW stands for ‘International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers’ and is a basic training to work.

Many fans suspected that Rachel was talking about fired Below Deck stew Camille, who was dismissed by Captain Sandy after Captain Lee had to deal with health issues.

That’s not all, though. In a follow-up comment, the Below Deck chef promised to share even more details about the behind-the-scenes drama once the show is done.

“When the show is done, I will share my details. But to be honest… I kinda don’t care anymore. I really love my industry, and I want to keep doing it. That means I wanna break until the next adventure,” she added. “Plus I saw past the smoke and mirrors. It put me off and that’s pretty much it. It was a good run and I can say it’s been great to meet all of you that are supportive.”

For now, we’ll have to hold on and see what Rachel plans to share, but with the finale scheduled to air on March 20, we shouldn’t have long to wait until all the juicy details are on the table.