Why did Chef Rachel quit Below Deck? Drama explained & what happened after Season 10

David Purcell
below deck rachel

Chef Rachel Hargrove left Below Deck viewers stunned after quitting the show following Season 10, but why did she choose to leave? Here’s everything we know about her drama with Bravo.

The former chef of Below Deck had an explosive debut season in 2020, where she was seen getting flat-out drunk during the boat’s downtime — and even threatened to quit the cast in Season 8.

Season 10 has been full of turbulence as well. Captain Lee quit the series on medical grounds and his replacement hasn’t been a very popular one, with Captain Sandy arriving on the scene and axing Camille. Now, rumors are circulating surrounding Rachel’s departure from Below Deck US after a series of posts on social media.

So, why did she decide to go off-screen? Here is everything we know.

Did Rachel quit Below Deck?

Rachel Hargove quit Below Deck in Season 10 and has revealed she has no plans to return after an offscreen dispute with Bravo.

Because of this, she did not return to be part of the Season 11 crew, or any other future seasons.

Did Chef Rachel attend a Below Deck reunion?

Chef Rachel confirmed she would not be attending Bravo’s Below Deck Season 10 reunion with a statement on February 7, 2023.

She tweeted: “I will be getting my snatch waxed that day, so I won’t make it, unfortunately. Hopefully, they won’t clip a lip this time.”

Chef Rachel Below Deck drama explained

Chef Rachel found herself in the middle of some Twitter beef with Southern Charm star Austen Kroll, calling them a “narcissistic tw*t” and quitting the show afterward.

On her Instagram story, Rachel posted a piece from Bravo titled ‘Austen Kroll Explains Why That ‘Big Meeting’ Changed Everything for Trop Hop.’ The story discussed Kroll’s brewing business in Charleston, South Carolina.

Recalling her meeting with Kroll, she said, “We were all hanging out. He didn’t like the fact that I don’t party and wasn’t doing his whole thing… being an idiot. The guy’s an idiot… even when he and Chep [Shep Rose] threw my bag on the floor at upfronts while waiting to go to the dress rehearsal.”

Since then, Rachel has spoken to Bravo bosses about the spat and resultingly announced on Twitter and Instagram that she was “done” with the show.

In July 2022, she tweeted, “f**k Below Deck,” and said she has no plans to work for an organization that she “doesn’t believe” in. Rachel had been a recurring cast member on the television series since joining in 2020.

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