Fired Below Deck star Camille Lamb releases new music single ‘Cool Like Me’

camille below deckCamille Lamb, Instagram

Camille from Below Deck Season 10 has released her first single since leaving the show, Cool Like Me, after she was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn halfway through the charter season.

Camille’s dramatic firing has since been followed up by Captain Lee‘s replacement swinging the axe towards Alissa Humber – meaning her chief stew, Fraser Olender, has been two people down in the interior until a replacement arrives on board.

Lamb was one of the most dramatic cast members of the series, reappearing twice after her exit. She said “good riddance” in relation to Alissa’s firing, saying she was merely a scapegoat for an underperforming team.

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And now, fans of the show can get ready for her to make another splash… This time in music.

Camille from Below Deck releases music track on Spotify

The former Below Deck yachtie released her first single since leaving the show on February 26, which fans can listen to on Spotify.

In the lyrics, she says: “You wish you could be… Cool like me.”

You can listen to Cool Like Me below, from Camille Lamb.

After posting the record, her family has been in touch with warm words of support, with her father Kendall saying it could be a hit.

She thanked her supportive parents on Instagram, sharing a message they sent to her about the single on her story. It said: “Your song is really really good. Sounds ready for radio.

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“If not, a great finished product in building your portfolio. Love you, Dad.”

Whether or not Below Deck fans will be supporting her on her journey into the music industry remains to be seen… So, what do you make of her single?

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