Chase Hudson explains the surprising meaning behind America’s Sweetheart music video

Virginia Glaze
Chase Hudson reveals meaning behind america's sweetheart music vid

TikToker-turned-music artist Chase Hudson has opened up about the true meaning behind the music video for his latest song, ‘America’s Sweetheart’ — and there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Chase Hudson is more than a social media star; the influencer, like many of his TikTok-famous counterparts, has also jumped into the music scene to kickstart a surprisingly successful career.

Already boasting a popular hit with ’21st Century Vampire,’ he released emotional ballad ‘America’s Sweetheart’ shortly thereafter — the music video for which sparked speculation about his dating life almost immediately.

The video featured Hudson’s ex-girlfriend, Charli D’Amelio, and seemed to show the two in a romantic light as Chase appeared to sing about their past relationship. However, both influencers made it clear that they are just friends once the speculation kicked up — and a new statement from Hudson might put the dating rumors to rest for good.

Hudson released the first installment of a series documenting the process behind creating his music video on May 12, and revealed that the video is moreso about a dark time in his life than rekindling an old relationship.

According to Chase, the music video represents three moods: “being upset, being mad, and being scared,” which he eloquently portrayed by being pulled out of a grave by Charli and even smashing a table full of glass dishware.

“The song is truly about a sad time that I’d gone through in my life,” the star explained. “Without moments like those, I would never be able to grow into the person I’ve become today. That’s why I think this is important, to reflect. Not to bring up the past, but to channel it, because past emotions are valid ones.”

(Topic begins at 2:45)

While it seems obvious that the “sad time” Hudson mentioned could very well refer to his breakup with Charli (especially when taking the song’s lyrics into account), ultimately, it’s about his growth as a person as a result of these feelings, be they romantic or not.