Charly Jordan slams TikTok trolls for saying to “kill herself” over her singing voice

Charly Jordan slams TikTok trollsYouTube: Charly Jordan

Charly Jordan is taking aim at TikTok after she received some intense criticism due to her singing voice, finding other social media platforms far more amicable to creators.

Charly Jordan is an all-around internet superstar. Boasting over 5 million followers on Instagram and 408,000 YouTube subscribers, the fitness model, brand owner, director and DJ has accrued quite a resume for herself over the past few years.

While being a top-tier influencer might seem like a charmed life, it can be anything but; plenty of social media stars have shared their harrowing experiences of being harassed, bullied and even stalked by fans and haters.

Charly Jordan is no exception to this rule. Although she boasts a successful career as a model and all-around “fit-fluencer,” she’s not exempt from the ire of internet trolls, as evidenced by a pointed Instagram story she posted on May 17.


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The influencer shared a short clip of herself singing in the bathroom, which was quickly followed by a rant that rallied against the brutal nature of TikTok commenters and the overall culture of rudeness that can be found on the platform.

Apparently, while her Instagram followers were a big fan of her vocal talents, it seems that TikTok was decidedly less positive about her singing voice, with Jordan claiming that she’d been sent death threats over the simple video.

“I just had to come on here for a second,” Jordan began. “F**k TikTok, it’s so ridiculous. Every time I post a singing video to Instagram, everyone’s like, ‘We love it! It’s so good! Keep working on your voice!’ But I go on TikTok, and everyone’s like, ‘Go kill yourself! You can’t sing!’ So…”

This is far from the first time social media gurus have been lambasted for their musical talents on TikTok; popular TikToker Dixie D’Amelio removed a teaser for her song with Wiz Khalifa in December 2020 after critics bombarded the video with hateful comments.

Plenty of other stars have also spoken out about the overwhelming negativity on the app, with even the likes of music artist Taio Cruz getting bullied off the platform, claiming he’d suffered from “suicidal thoughts” due to the harassment.

Taio Cruz discusses his negative experience on TikTokInstagram: Taio Cruz
Taio Cruz shocked the net after revealing he’d suffered from “suicidal thoughts” due to harassment from TikTok commenters.

Charly Jordan’s latest Instagram story further adds to the conversation regarding negativity on social media — a problem that still has yet to find a definite solution as more and more content creators speak out about it.