Logan Paul says he has nothing to lose fighting “grandad” Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul faces off with Floyd MayweatherYouTube: Logan Paul

Logan Paul has hit out at Floyd Mayweather’s age as the discourse between the two fighters ramps up massively before their exhibition match on June 6. 

Anticipation for the match in Miami between YouTuber Logan Paul, who currently has no wins to his name, and reigning champion Floyd Mayweather is heating up with only days to go, and Logan is not backing down.

Logan’s confidence is sky-high, having previously claimed that he is certain to beat Mayweather: “I’m taller, I’m bigger, I’m hungrier, I’m faster, I’m stronger… yeah I just said I’m faster than Floyd Mayweather, I am, I’m the fastest planet let’s not forget… He’s had a great legacy all good things must come to an end.”

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Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul in promotional imageFanmio
Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather will face off on June 6

In recent days, Logan has also claimed that Floyd’s “biggest mistake” will be underestimating him as a boxer because he is an influencer, adding “You do anything for three years, you’re gonna become good at it. I just outwork motherf***ers. That’s my secret and Jake’s secret too. Everyone’s mad that we’re winning, do something about it.”

Now, Logan has taken aim at 44-year-old Mayweather’s age. He said: “I have nothing to lose. Literally, I have nothing to lose. So when you have a guy coming into the ring with that energy? And a guy who has everything to lose? As a granddad? I’m nervous for him!”

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This comes after the YouTuber has been showcasing his mastery by taking on other athletes in the form of the Gronkowski brothers, sparring all 4 of them one after another.

And it’s not just Logan coming after Mayweather as his little brother Jake got into a scuffle with the 50-0 boxing champ just after a press conference on May 6. Jake decided to steal Mayweather’s hat, and this act of “disrespect,” as Floyd described it, sparked a feud, prompting the champ to claim he would “kill” Jake.

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With fighting talk getting this personal, it seems as though the tension couldn’t get much higher.