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Dixie D’Amelio slams toxic trolls for bullying Taio Cruz off TikTok

Published: 24/Sep/2020 18:43 Updated: 27/Sep/2020 14:35

by Georgina Smith


Rapper Taio Cruz has left viral video sharing app TikTok after he revealed that the most “negative experience” of his life took place in his only few days on the site, with even influencers like Dixie D’Amelio calling out those who bullied him off the platform.

Taio Cruz is a popular singer and rapper who made a name for himself through smash hits such as Dynamite in 2009, which now has over 99 million views on YouTube.

His busy career has garnered him a sizeable fanbase, and as a way to connect with those fans he decided to join the ranks of celebrities such as Cardi B and Jason Derulo by signing up to TikTok.

However, he clearly realized that TikTok was not all it was cracked up to be, as hate toward the star quickly began to pile up. After only being on the app for under the week, he released a now-deleted post announcing that due to the intensely toxic environment, he would no longer be using it.

“Never in my life have I had a more negative experience than my past few days on here,” he wrote. “Take care of your mental health, and be kind to each other. To those that have love for me, thank you. This community is not for me.”

After an outpouring of support, the star then took to Instagram to explain further why he chose to leave TikTok.

Taio Cruz discusses his negative experience on TikTok
Instagram: Taio Cruz
Taio Cruz discusses his negative experience on TikTok

“I’m DEFINITELY NOT going back to TikTok any time soon. My body was shaking and I had suicidal thoughts,” he added. “Some users posted hateful, mocking videos which spurred a feedback loop of negativity. Social media shouldn’t be like this. Sadly it is.”

Many were furious that people had been so cruel to Taio, including TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, who called out the haters on Twitter when she heard the news.

“Y’all bullied a legit music artist (which is known for being one of the harshest industries) off TikTok in under a week…WHAT??? Just be nice wtf,” she wrote. “Is being “top comment” worth it? Will that help you sleep at night? You are literally causing mental and possibly physical harm on another human being…does that feel good?”

It seems that Taio definitely won’t be returning for a long while, and this incident may well put off other celebrities who were thinking of making a TikTok debut.


Who is jexif? the Diamond Tester Kid on TikTok

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:57

by Georgina Smith


TikTok user ‘jezkif,’ a.k.a. ‘Diamond Tester Kid,’ has gone viral after making a several part series in which he goes around to teachers in his school, testing their supposedly real diamond rings, and often delivering some less than desirable news.

Following TikTok’s rise to mainstream popularity after its switch over from musical.ly, it has become a hub for viral content. With its extraordinary number of bizarre filters, viral sounds, and addictive trends, just about everyone has given the app a go.

The content that thrives the best on TikTok, however, is certainly weird and wonderful. Some users even have gained followers in the millions by making fake Tom Holland accounts, confusing droves of fans.

But student ‘jezkif’ has achieved viral fame in the most unexpected way possible – by taking a diamond tester around his school, shedding some light on his teachers’ supposedly very expensive rings, with hilarious results.

TikTok on smartphone
TikTok has over 800 million users worldwide.

TikToker goes viral for hilarious diamond reveals

In his first video of the series (which has now garnered 880,000 likes and over 5 million views), he approaches his teacher and asks, “You got a wedding ring right?” and “Do you think it’s real?”

@jexif##foryou ##viral ##trending ##abc ##diamonds♬ original sound – DiamondTesterKid

The teacher replies with a confident, “Of course!” so jezkif quickly sets about testing the ring in question. “It’s real right?” she asks hopefully, but the monitor revealed the stone was in fact fake, leaving the teacher stunned.

@jexifI’ma find another fake one 😤##foryou ##viral ##viral ##trending ##abc ##diamonds ##foryoupage♬ original sound – DiamondTesterKid

Each video produced a new brilliant reaction from the teachers, initially being excited at the prospect of engaging with their student’s curiosity, and then immediately regretting it once the diamond detector revealed some unexpected results.

Tweets showcasing the hilarious work of the Diamond Tester Kid have also gone viral, with likes in the tens of thousands. One user said, “Yo this kid goes around testing his teacher’s wedding rings & I’m screaming, because most of them are fake.”

It’s safe to say that jexif’s videos has given millions of TikTok users a good chuckle, and no doubt has many eyeing up their own rings they previously thought to be real.