Charli D’Amelio throws shade at ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson

Andrew Amos
Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson together

Charli D’Amelio has thrown plenty of shade at her ex-boyfriend Chase Hudson in the last 24 hours, including unfollowing him on Instagram and “subtweeting” numerous times about Hudson cheating on her with Nessa Barrett.

Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson might have broken up in April, but the drama is re-igniting. The younger D’Amelio twin has gone full send on July 6, hitting back at Hudson for playing down their breakup over allegations of cheating.

While it was rumored originally that Hudson hooked up with Josh Richard’s now-ex partner Nessa Barrett, it’s now looking like those rumors are facts.

Charli D'Amelio and Chase Hudson together
D’Amelio and Hudson broke up in April.

Charli started by unfollowing the duo on Instagram, before posting a photo of herself in a bikini along with the caption “your loss ;)”.

Since then, dozens of other TikTokkers have unfollowed Hudson and Barrett, including Richards, who put out a tweet talking about cutting out the “fake people in your life.” A #lilhuddyisoverparty hashtag has also started trending on Twitter since Charli’s first post.

“You give them f**king second chances and they go behind your back to and try and f**k with you again. Biggest advice I have for you all, learn who’s real,” he said.

Charli didn’t stop with the one post though. She then went on to subtweet Hudson, saying “I hope she was worth it” in a now-deleted post. She also dismissed Hudson’s defense of both him and Barrett being single at the time of their “kiss.”

“You shouldn’t have come to my house after without telling me [about the kiss],” D’Amelio added.

The saga has divided the heads of TikTok, with everyone taking sides. Most people seem to be siding with Charli, including Anthony Reeves, Jaden Hossler, and Bryce Hall.

“Boy you need to, one, stop lying and giving half the truth to make yourself look better, and two, when we pulled up and confronted you in person you didn’t say sh*t except you were wrong. Sit down and be quiet on social media if you aren’t gonna talk in person,” Hossler said on Twitter.

Hall even teased the potential of a Still Softish part two, continuing on from the original diss track he dropped back in March about the breakup. “Hey Josh imagine if we did another diss track on the kid to actually crush his career this time,” he said on Twitter.

Hudson has responded to all the criticism, releasing a statement outing a bunch of other TikTokkers for reportedly cheating on their own partners, while also apologizing to Charli.

“The only person who has a right to be upset with me is Charli and I’m sorry I hurt her. We broke up and I messed up by kissing Nessa.

“I’m not sorry to Josh, we are not boys and we haven’t been boys since he lied to Charli saying I had an STD six months ago trying to get her to stop seeing me. I’m not going to let these hypocrites try and ruin my life without their lives being out on the internet too.”

Chase later deleted all of his tweets on the subject, and retweeted a post from Jaden Hossler saying “we talked. No fighting. It’s settled.”

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