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Why beauty YouTubers are boycotting Morphe over Jeffree Star

Published: 6/Jul/2020 21:48

by Virginia Glaze


Makeup mogul Jeffree Star is at the center of online backlash due to purportedly being involved in the James Charles scandal of 2019 — and now, huge names in YouTube’s beauty community are boycotting one of his biggest partners.

While Jeffree Star boasts a divisive past, the beauty guru has come under fire in the last few weeks after fans suspected him of orchestrating the drama surrounding James Charles in May of last year.


These theories were only exacerbated after OG YouTuber Shane Dawson published a Notes post addressing the matter — which was later followed by Tati Westbrook’s exposé accusing the two of “gaslighting” her into uploading her viral “By Sister” video in 2019.

Those are far from the only allegations surrounding Star; the YouTuber has also faced criticism due to purported racism, catching flak for posing with a fan wearing a Confederate flag as well as prior comments about people of color.


Now, huge names in the YouTube beauty scene are dropping one of Star’s biggest affiliates, Morphe, after footage surfaced of Star claiming he was an investor in the makeup company.

Jeffree Star Cremated palette
Jeffree Star, YouTube
YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star is facing criticism across the net due to purportedly orchestrating the James Charles scandal from May of last year.

Jackie Aina, a massively popular YouTuber with over 3.48 million subscribers, publicly announced her separation from Morphe in a Tweet on July 2 due to the business partnering “racist” brands.

“Hey boos, as some of you may know, as of this week I will no longer be a Morphe Brushes affiliate,” Aina wrote. “Code ‘EDGES’ has deactivated. I refuse to align myself with a company that continues to retail antiblack racist beauty brands. I strongly encourage other influencers to do the same!”


YouTubers Chloe Morello and Amanda Ensing likewise spoke out about the issue, with both beauty gurus announcing their own break from (or complete lack of interest in) Morphe in separate posts.

“How can we support a brand who supports this behavior and actions?” Ensing asked. “Your brands are a direct reflection of Morphe. Can you please take the time to explain this to the beauty community and your hard-working customers?”

Thus far, Star has yet to speak out concerning Tati’s allegations against him, and has even been accused of lying to his fans and hiding from the current scandal — only prompting further speculation that the beauty giant is avoiding potential consequences.


Twitch streamer Jinny stunned as man tries to sell her drugs on stream

Published: 7/Oct/2020 18:49

by Michael Gwilliam


IRL Twitch streamer Jinny was left shocked after two men tried to sell her drugs while she toured the city of Hamburg in Germany.

Jinny has grown quite a following thanks in part to her IRL traveling antics where the Korean streamer routinely has odd adventures. Her trips have resulted in her befriending waitresses at a Texas Hooters, being attacked by wild deer in Denmark, and even setting her backyard on fire.


Now, in her most recent trip in Germany, the streamer found herself in quite an awkward position as she was offered drugs during an October 7 broadcast.

While talking to viewers, a random man suddenly began talking to her in broken English.


“You’re lucky to be in Deutschland. My ganja is the best,” he said. “You get three for five.”

It’s unclear exactly what units of measurement the man was selling three of for five Euros, but ganja translates to marijuana or weed. The incident really shocked the IRL streamer who had no idea what he was talking about.

“I don’t speak German,” she stated as he and another man conversed in the language.

Jinny's Twitch chat
Jinny’s chat warned her the man was selling drugs.

“Do you need ganja?” the man asked in English.

“What is ganja?” Jinny wondered. “Iguana?”

Eventually, Jinny looked at her chat and saw that her viewers were spamming translations and explaining how he was trying to sell her drugs – something she wanted no part of.


“I don’t need ganja. It’s okay,” she laughed and went on her way. “That was very random. Do I look like I smoke weed? Uh, maybe.”

Amusingly, the streamer went on to explain that she was very confused and seriously thought the man was trying to sell her an iguana.


“I thought he said ‘do you want to buy an iguana,’” she chuckled. “Why would I want to buy an iguana all of a sudden?”

Luckily, Jinny wasn’t forced into buying any drugs or reptiles during her encounter, but it just goes to show that even when a camera is rolling, weird stuff happens on a regular basis.