Hasan introduces Andrew Callaghan to hilarious viral “Island Boy” video

Lawrence Scotti
hasan andrew callaghan
Hasan/Andrew Callaghan

Twitch star streamer Hasan ‘HasanAbi’ Piker brought on YouTuber Andrew Callaghan from Channel 5 and shocked him with the viral hit sensation “Island Boy” rap video.

Hasan has long been a fan of Andrew Callaghan’s YouTube page, Channel 5, having posed with him on Instagram on multiple occasions.

Finally, Hasan was able to snag Andrew for an afternoon of streaming on Twitch in October and showed him one of the more recent inexplicable viral sensations: the Island Boys.

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Hasan/Andrew Callaghan/Instagram
Hasan and Andrew Callaghan posing on Instagram.

Hasan shows Andrew Callaghan the Island Boys

While Hasan had Andrew at his house to stream, he took the opportunity to show Andrew the Island Boys meme.

Island Boys refers to the song by artists flyysoulja and kodiyakredd that went viral overnight, racking up views and attention from across the internet for the duo’s wacky hairstyles and body and face tattoos.

Andrew had already posted on Instagram he was in contact with the Island Boys, but admitted he hadn’t seen the video just yet, priming Hasan to be the first to show him the viral video.

Andrew listened to the beginning of the song, laughed and said: “Why did this go viral?” Hasan, to his dismay, sarcastically shouted: “Bro, why did this go viral? They’re so nasty!”

Time starts at 11:59 for mobile users

Responding to the video, Andrew said, “I mean, I’ve met people gnarlier than that.” Hasan explained their appeal and why they went viral, and said: “They’re gnarly, but they’re like, media-friendly gnarly. You know what I mean? It’s like, it’s gnarly within an acceptable framework. They’re not like Insane Clown Posse boys, where it’s like okay, I can’t even put this on TV.”

Andrew can be seen visibly cringing at the video of the Island Boys, and noted, ” I don’t really know why they went viral to be honest with you.”