Censor claims friction over money was the reason behind splitting with Yanet Garcia - Dexerto

Censor claims friction over money was the reason behind splitting with Yanet Garcia

Published: 17/Oct/2018 0:12 Updated: 17/Oct/2018 0:20

by Virginia Glaze


Recently-retired Call of Duty pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has come forward to explain his breakup with weathercaster Yanet Garcia, which he stated was due in part to conflicts over money.

According to Censor, his breakup with Yanet stemmed from its roots in social media, taking a turn when Yanet began to request a percentage of his income from his YouTube vlogs.

Censor admitted that he wasn’t comfortable with her proposition and decided to support her in other ways, although he understood her position on the matter.

He then expressed that he’d wanted to buy her a car. 

While she was excited about this development, she wasn’t as happy that he’d wanted to vlog the experience, feeling as though he wanted to capitalize off of every aspect of their relationship.

In addition, Censor claimed that she had given him ultimatums about who he could be friends with, and would get upset when would do things without her. He felt as though he and Yanet’s large presence on social media took a massive toll on their relationship, as well.

“It was an amazing story,” he stated. “She’s a really cool girl, but I can’t deal with that everyday if I want to do this [YouTube] as my job.”

The internet has been throwing a lot of flack his way for breaking up with the newscaster to pursue competitive Call of Duty, which he recently retired from to focus on full-time content creation. 

However, it looks like there was more to the story than his passion for Call of Duty.

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Ellen Page starring in controversial new movie about sexism in esports

Published: 31/Oct/2020 17:04

by Luke Edwards


Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page is set to star in an esports feature film ‘1UP’. The comedy features an athlete who, with the help of a veteran coach, forms an all-female esports team after she’s forced out of her college’s roster.

Page won an Oscar nomination for playing the title character in the 2007 hit ‘Juno’ and has appeared in movies like Inception and X-Men: Days of Future Past. She also featured alongside Willem Dafoe as telepathic teenager Jodie in the 2013 game Beyond: Two Souls.

The new movie, 1UP, is set to include Paris Berelc as the excluded gamer. Berelc is probably best known for her role in Adam Sandler’s spooky comedy Hubie Halloween.

This is Buzzfeed Studios’ first-ever feature-length film, so they’ll be desperate to make sure it’s a hit to put their name on the map as a legitimate studio.

Fox Searchlight Productions
Ellen Page was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in 2007 movie Juno

What we know about ‘1UP’ so far

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Berelc’s character, Vivian, quits her college esports team after being subject to sexism from her male teammates. With the help of Page’s “enigmatic coach”, she assembles an all-women’s team to compete with the boys.

Which esport the movie is set around remains in question, but it’s all part of Buzzfeed’s mission to create “socially relevant” movies for “millennial and Gen Z audiences.”

Studios creating movies like this is another sign of esports moving further into the mainstream – provided it’s successful, of course. But, whether this movie is a very positive reflection on esports or not remains to be seen.

Reactions to ‘1UP’

The premise has provoked some controversy, with some fearing the comedy elements could detract from a serious issue.

Games and comics writer Zoë Quinn sarcastically labeled it “fun” – when the topic at hand isn’t.

Production is expected to begin in November, meaning we’re going to be waiting a while to see it on our screens. Regardless, as one of the first major feature films based around esports, it’s going to be worth keeping an eye on.