Cat steals the show from Twitch streamer in most hilarious way possible

Bintokki, Twitch /

One Korean Twitch streamer got more than she bargained for after letting her cat survey her streaming setup during a January broadcast.

While live streaming platforms like Twitch are often hailed for the unexpected and hilarious moments that crop up on camera, adding pets to the mix often adds to the humor tenfold.

Although many pet-related incidents have occurred in past broadcasts, Korean Twitch streamer “bintokki’s” pet cat decided to steal the limelight in a major way.

bintokki, Instagram
Twitch streamer “Bintokki” got more than she bargained for after letting her cat sniff around her desk.

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Bintokki, best known for her “Just Chatting” broadcasts and humorous conversations with her viewers, was in the middle of one such stream when her cat jumped onto her desk.

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As if stepping on her keyboard wasn’t enough, the feline stood front and center before the camera, giving it a good sniff while its face took up the entire frame.

“Sir, that’s my rig!” bintokki laughed as the cat batted at her webcam, getting so close to the lense that all viewers could see was its dark fur. “That’s my webcam! Why are you eating my webcam? Stop eating my webcam. Aiya! …I know you have seven lives, but can you stop?”

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Luckily for the streamer, her pet finally moved out of the way — although her viewers didn’t seem to mind, enthusiastically agreeing when she asked if she should let her furry friend do as he pleased.

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“My cat is an attention wh**e,” she joked. “He wants to be on stream. He’s like, ‘I’m on TV!’”

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While this isn’t the first time a cat has stolen the show from a well-meaning Twitch streamer, it’s certainly the most direct, with bintokki’s cat demanding the spotlight by putting himself directly in view of the camera.

Other instances of pet shenanigans have been less humorous, with one streamer’s house nearly catching fire after her cat happened to turn on her infrared stove during a live broadcast.

Streamer “Chisaihato” had a more lighthearted fail in 2019, after her feline friend started cleaning its nether regions as soon as she showed him off for her fans.

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Needless to say, pets can definitely make streams more interesting, thanks to their “no f**ks given” attitude and shameless stunts for attention.