Cardi B hits back at Bella Poarch taking shots with leaked DMs

Bella Poarch and Cardi B

Bella Poarch shocked the social media world when she took a shot at Cardi B’s body of work but now the Invasion of Privacy rapper has come back with a dig of her own through some leaked DMs.

Bella Poarch didn’t hold back when tweeting about the quality of her newly-released ‘Dolls’ EP.

After being tagged in a promotional tweet, she fired off a comment stating that it’s “better than any Cardi album.”

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Naturally, ‘Bardi‘ didn’t take too kindly to that remark and has now given the upcoming artist a concise response that makes it clear what she thinks of the situation.

Cardi B leaks DMs with Bella Poarch further fueling Twitter feud

After seeing what Poarch had to say, Cardi’s response laid everything out flat, insinuating that Poarch must have been joking.

“I got a better one,” she remarked, sharing a screenshot of her Instagram DMs.

The picture shows the Build-A-Bitch singer in a very different light than what she showcased on the bird app. In fact, Porch admits to admiring her now-adversary.

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“Hi, I’m a huge fan of your music,” the message request reads.

However, ‘Mrs. Dangerous’ doesn’t seem to be taking the situation too seriously.

After a fan defended her decision to post the screenshot, she complained that “everybody can jokey joke but I can’t” and said that she was just defending herself.

Still, she remained unbothered and bid Twitter adieu so that she could catch a flight and get on her with her day.

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