Cardi B blasted for “job shaming” McDonald’s employee online

Meera Jacka
Cardi B on the left, and X user The Dump on the right.

American rapper Cardi B has come under fire for “job shaming” after telling a McDonald’s employee to “get off” his break and make her a cheeseburger.

Cardi B found herself in the hot seat after a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter) saw internet users accuse the 31-year-old of “job shaming.” The drama started after an initial tweet questioned, “At what point does making fun of Cardi B’s speech patterns become racist?”

Thanking the poster for “defending” her, Cardi B shared that she would “never change” the way she talks as she “became famous” from being herself. She then dubbed her speech patterns a “multimillion-dollar accent,” only for another X user ‘The Dump‘ to hit back and tell the rapper to “Get off Twitter and get in the booth.”

Posting a screenshot from The Dump’s profile that showed him working at McDonald’s, Cardi B assured that she was “hopping in the booth after I go to the gym, do this zoom, and get my pedi.”

She then added, “Get off your break and make me a cheeseburger” — a comment not every internet user was pleased to read.

“I hate when [celebrities] act like they been rich all their lives [sic],” one person wrote, calling Cardi B’s cheeseburger comment “crazy” and pointing out the rapper was “bent over for dollar bills every Saturday night” before finding success in the music industry. “I hate y’all!”

However, Cardi B insisted her response to The Dump had nothing to do with “job shaming” at all; “He told me to go do my job and I told him to do his.”

“We encouraging each other, babes,” the rapper continued, with her fans claiming she was “simply stimulating the economy.”

“I mean he got the energy he put out; I don’t see the problem,” one person commented. Another said, “I’m screaming ’cause it’s just that simple… play with your food, not people. Money or not, a little kindness works both ways.”

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