Bryce Hall's mom claims son was "never going to win" rigged fight vs Austin McBroom - Dexerto

Bryce Hall’s mom claims son was “never going to win” rigged fight vs Austin McBroom

Published: 13/Jun/2021 23:35

by Charlotte Colombo


It seems like Lyza Hall took Bryce Hall’s loss to Austin McBroom during Battle of the Platforms harder than her son, with a shady subtweet suggesting that she believes Austin’s father, Allen McBroom, had something to do with the YouTuber’s success at the event.

On June 12, the highly anticipated Battle of the Platforms finally took place. It was a night of victory for Team YouTube, who won five of the seven fights while Team TikTok only took home one win (alongside a controversial tie that even Tayler Holder, Team TikTok’s fighter for the match, admitted was “bulls**t”).


When it came to the main event of the evening, the much-hyped bout between Hall and McBroom, Team YouTube once again came out on top, with Bryce lasting three rounds in the ring before the referee put a stop to the match. While Bryce seemed to take the loss well — embracing, talking, and laughing with Austin after the match — his mom seemed a little more skeptical about how his defeat came to be.

In a Twitter conversation with a fan, she said: “While Austin fought very well, Bryce was never going to win the fight.” Suggesting that Austin’s win was pre-determined, she also points out that Allen McBroom, Austin’s father, was involved in the planning of Battle of the Platforms.


“It was quite obvious that the referee was on his [Allen’s] payroll,” Lyza, who is affectionately known by fans as ‘Mama Hall,’ said. During Bryce’s match with Austin, the referee in question, ‘Big Chris,’ deducted points from Hall on two occasions for using underhand fighting tactics.

Fans were also amused when, at one point, he told Hall to “go to the corner and shut the f**k up.” The referee ultimately called the match during the third round after a bloodied Bryce received several blows to the head by McBroom.

However, for the most part, fans on Twitter didn’t seem to agree with Lisa’s theory. “Definitely rigged. That’s why Bryce got knocked out,” one user sarcastically quipped. Another pointed out that Bryce, who boasted that he has been in over forty street fights “kept breaking the rules and that’s why he was reprimanded” by the referee.


Neither Bryce nor the McBrooms have responded publicly to Lyza’s claims.

While not many fans are convinced that Bryce’s loss was rigged, viewers went up in arms when fellow TikToker Tayler Holder’s bout with AnEsonGib was ultimately judged a draw. Many, including Gib himself, claimed that he was “robbed” of a win, with “rigged” even trending on Twitter in the aftermath of the fight.