AnEsonGib outraged after Tayler Holder fight draw: “I know in my heart I won”

Tayler Holder Anesongib TikToker vs YouTube DrawInstagram: Tayler Holder / Bryce Hall

Ali ‘AnEsonGib’ Al Fakri was furious after the judges declared a draw in his fight against Tayler Holder, claiming that he was “robbed” after “owning the ring” but knew he won “in his heart”.

The penultimate fight between AnEsonGib and Tayler Holder in the YouTube Vs. TikTok Battle of the Platforms event ended in disappointment after the judges ruled a draw despite the stats heavily favoring AnEsonGib.

Gib landed 47 punches compared to a mere 21 from Tayler. And while that doesn’t always tell the full story, the consensus among fans is that it did in this instance.

Gib’s dominance was clear, leading many to believe he’d been “robbed,” including himself.

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Tayler Holder Anesongib TikToker vs YouTube DrawStat Hero
AnEsonGib’s stats were far better than Tayler Holder’s.

“I know in my heart that I won,” Gib said after the fight.

“I was the most dominant. I had the ring. I was owning the ring. And respect to Tayler, but I beat you. Today, I beat you. These aren’t even my fans, and they’re cheering. So, I know I won. I was robbed tonight. I worked very hard for this, and I was robbed.”

But there are two sides to every story, and Tayler believes the win wasn’t as clear-cut as everyone thinks.

“I have to disagree that he won,” he said. “I mean, he did land a few shots, but I blocked a lot of them. They didn’t hit me. But he fought good and everything like that. I believe the draw was complete bullsh*t. ”

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To add to the drama, the company producing the fight, Social Gloves Entertainment, controversially tweeted that Tayler won before deleting it and correcting it to draw.

Some fans think this blunder was suspicious, especially considering Tayler Holder helped organize the event.

Despite all the controversy and drama surrounding the decision, the judge’s verdict is the only one that truly matters.

Gib and Tayler both insisted they were open to “running it back” – a common courtesy in the fight game after a controversial decision. However, nothing has been scheduled or locked in.