Bryce Hall says TikTok account was hacked after old Addison Rae video sparks dating rumors

bryce hall says tiktok account was hacked after addison rae video sparks dating rumorsYouTube: Addison Rae

TikTok star Bryce Hall has claimed his secondary account was hacked after an old video of himself and ex-girlfriend Addison Rae was re-uploaded, sparking rumors that Bryce was trying to get her back.

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae were once one of TikTok’s most famous couples.

The two social media celebrities had an off-again, on-again relationship that was only made official in November 2020 after months of flirting… but they parted ways shortly thereafter, as their romance was quickly plagued by drama and cheating rumors.

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Since then, Addison has started dating guitarist and producer Omer Fedi, and the two seem to be happier than ever (in spite of Addison’s family drama) — but some fans are convinced that Bryce Hall is trying to win her back.

Bryce Hall’s second TikTok account uploads old videos with Addison Rae

On September 1, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Bryce Hall’s secondary TikTok account had uploaded an older video of himself and Addison Rae from back when they were dating, with the ex-couple dancing in front of the camera.

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Another video of the ex-couple was also posted on September 2 with a flirty caption that read “2020” with a crying emoji, and even tagged Addison’s account.

In the comments, fans couldn’t help but laugh at the situation… but some thought Bryce was trying to sabotage Addison’s new relationship aimd the ongoing situation with her parents.

“Not Bryce in his feels right now!” one user joked.

“I miss them,” another said.

Bryce Hall reacts to Addison Rae dating rumors

However, Bryce has assured viewers he didn’t actually post the video, revealing in a Tweet that his secondary account was actually hacked.

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“My old TikTok is hacked,” he explained. “It’s not me posting those videos.”

It’s worth noting that Addison actually blocked Bryce on all social media platforms last month, as Hall revealed that his ex is “done with it all,” even blocking her own parents amid their ongoing — and highly public — falling out.

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