Bryce Hall reveals why he hasn’t asked out Addison Rae yet

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall and Addison Rae pose for a selfie together

[jwplayer ksH6zuKH]TikTok star and YouTuber Bryce Hall has finally revealed why he isn’t official with Addison Rae, despite the couple setting the internet aflame with dating rumors, PDA, and consistent denials that they aren’t actually a “thing.”

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have been a popular item among TikTok fans for quite some time, first sparking theories that they were secretly dating in Fall 2019.

After appearing in each other’s TikToks and social media posts on a regular basis, it seemed that the two were somewhat official — but Rae put the rumors to rest in a June 2020 interview, claiming that they were not, in fact, together.

However, speculation surrounding the two influencers has once again riled up, with both stars being seen together on multiple dates and even kissing — but they’ve still been adamant that they are not an official couple, in spite of how it looks on the outside.

Now, Hall has finally spilled the beans as to why he and Rae are taking it slow, admitting in a July 30 episode of the ‘imPaulsive’ podcast that he just hasn’t summoned up the courage to officially ask her out.

“What’s it gonna take for you guys to lock it down?” YouTuber Logan Paul asked.

“When I grow the balls to ask,” Hall answered. “Honestly, I’m not like a really romantic guy. Like, I am so bad at expressing my feelings and stuff. …but I am gonna do something, if I decide, ‘Hey, let’s do it’ — it’s gonna be dope.”

(Topic begins at 7:32)

Hall’s statement follows his discussion of the topic on the Mom’s Basement podcast a few weeks prior, where he admitted that he and Rae were merely “testing the waters.”

While they may not be officially dating, it’s obvious that the two internet stars are into each other, and are simply taking it slow — the complete opposite of Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s breakneck-paced marriage last year.

To each their own, as the saying goes — and while “Braddison” may not be an official “thing” just yet, it’s not completely out of the question for fans to look forward to it becoming the real deal in the future.