Bryce Hall responds to Deji’s call out after first boxing win at KSI’s event 

Eleni Thomas
Bryce Hall Deji header image

Bryce Hall has responded to Deji’s call out, voicing his interest in making a boxing match between the two happen.

After starting off his boxing career with multiple losses, Deji recently got his first-ever win at brother KSI’s latest event. Deji was able to defeat opponent Fousey in a match that has left many other influencers praising his performance. After getting the win, Deji expressed his desire to “keep fighting” and even called out fellow influence Bryce Hall as someone he would want to get into the ring with and face off against.

This announcement shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of either influence given their history. In January 2022, Bryce Hall declared he would “fight Deji in 2022” when responding to accusations Deji made about Hall using steroids and performance-enhancing drugs.

Hall was quick to respond to being called out, posting a TikTok video and simply stating, “what the hell did I do?” Since then, online discourse about the potential fight has ramped up in a major way. FaZe clan member Rani Netz, known online as Stable Ronaldo, tweeted out the idea of a Jake Paul vs KSI, Deji vs Bryce Hall event.

The idea was quick to catch on, with Hall himself even retweeting the suggestion and expressing how he would be “down for this” idea. However, many online are questioning the match-up as heavily leaning in the favor of KSI’s brother Deji.

Initially, KSI fans were interested to see him to face off against Hall once the idea was floated by the latter after Alex Wassabi pulled out of his scheduled fight with KSI due to a concussion. However, KSI quickly shut the idea down and refused, stating that he needed to “up the levels” with his opponent, implying that Hall was not a challenge for him at the moment.

And while a KSI vs Bryce Hall match is not on the cards, Hall has expressed his desire to at least spar with KSI, stating they could even “film” the training session.

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