Bryce Hall responds to accusations of “verbally assaulting” TikToker

Virginia Glaze
Bryce Hall hits back at accusations of verbally assaulting tiktoker

TikTok star Bryce Hall is lashing out at a user who accused him of “verbally assaulting” her and her friend during a party.

Bryce Hall is a TikTok star with over 21 million followers on the viral video platform.

Hall also boasts a fairly substantial following on YouTube and Instagram, and is even working on his first major film, ‘Skill House,’ alongside rapper Fifty Cent.

However, while his Tweets are all excitement about his upcoming adventures, he’s gotten into a bit of a feud over on TikTok after being accused of “verbally assaulting” a young woman.

TikTok user ‘tatedoll’ uploaded a video on August 1, where she claimed that Hall had lashed out at herself and her friend during a party because they allegedly “wouldn’t hand him a bottle of vodka fast enough.”

“The best insult he could come up with was calling us ‘USC b*tches’ and letting us know he made ‘millions a week,'” she wrote. “Anyways, that was rough and men / new money are gross.”

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Hall was quick to hit back at this accusation and responded to the matter in a heated comment.

“So sad how you can say ANYTHING negative about me and people will just believe it,” he wrote.

Tatedoll had a swift reply for Hall, accusing him of “gaslighting” her by refuting her experience.

bryce hall tatedoll comment
Hall was quick to hit back at tatedoll’s accusation.

She also offered a bit more information in the comments section, where she called the moment an “evening wrecker” and that “the ‘I don’t believe you’ rhetoric is actually scary misogynistic.”

tatedoll tiktok comment 2

While tatedoll has received an outpouring of support following her post, she has also been hit with a swath of criticism, with one user asking why she is “posting this now.”

“Babe I don’t know,” she replied. “I was thinking about it yesterday.”

tatedoll tiktok comment 1

At the time of writing, it looks like Hall’s comment on tatedoll’s comment has been deleted… but it doesn’t look like Hall is bothered by the drama since he’s got bigger fish to fry with Tayler Holder.