Bryce Hall claims he’s the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo of his generation’

cristiano ronaldo bryce hallBryce Hall / Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram

Bryce Hall already tops the TikTok mountain as one of the most popular creators on the platform, but it looks like he’s having fun going after Cristiano Ronaldo’s throne as the greatest footballer.

The 22-year-old teased a comeback for the Sway boys with a picture of himself and tagged Noah Beck and Josh Richards, with Hall showing off a bit of dribbling with a football.

The Bread Batch’s Instagram page later posted a side-by-side of Hall and Portugal’s talisman, posing the question if the TikToker was “the Cristiano Ronaldo of this generation.”

Of course, there’s a discrepancy of football experience, achievement, etc., but that didn’t stop Hall from inviting the comparisons all the same.

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Bread Batch Instagram
Hall was gassing himself up when being compared to Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Obviously I am,” Hall responded to the post, quipping that he easily holds a candle to one of the best to ever lace them up.

“I’m a humble guy, but I’d destroy Ronaldo 10-3,” he soon followed up in the replies. While it’s completely plausible Ronaldo might let one or two slip past him, Bryce was being a little generous with the scoreline.

Coming from Hall, fans know he was just gassing up the feed. On the flip side, though, these kinds of jokes tend to spread enough to where certain people actually hear them.

cristiano ronaldo bryce hallBryce Hall Instagram
Bryce Hall likes to stay athletic, but going up against Ronaldo might be a stretch.

Just how Jake and Logan Paul call out stars to eventually see them in the boxing ring, this could be a way for Hall to make some kind of content happen with Ronaldo himself.

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Of course, the football phenom is held up with the 2021-22 campaign to make anything happen but the possibility would surely break the internet.

Until then, however, Hall is still getting bizarre boxing fight requests as he keeps training to step back into the ring someday soon.