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Brother Nature ‘attacker’ tells Drama Alert his side of the story

Published: 8/Dec/2019 1:34

by Bill Cooney


The person who was filmed allegedly attacking popular content creator Kelvin ‘BrotherNature’ Peña has shared his side of the story in a new interview with Drama Alert.

A video purportedly showing popular YouTube and Instagram personality BrotherNature getting “jumped” in a restaurant went viral, and was at the top of Twitter’s US trending list on December 7.

But footage of the incident seemed to only capture the tail end of the episode, and on the same day it went viral, the man filmed kicking BrotherNature in the video spoke to Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR to share his side of the story.


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KEEM said his team “did some digging” and found the man from the video named “D”, who provided a very different story to the one that’s been put forward so far.

“Well first of all, nobody “jumped” BrotherNature, because the only person hitting him was me,” D told Keem to start things off. “What happened was that we got to [the bar], we order, the guys from [the bar] are already calling last call, that they’re about to close, and he got there 12, 15 minutes before they closed.”

“They’re still taking his order, but he’s pulling down the chairs that have already been cleaned insisting that they let him sit there instead of at the bar, I guess because he felt too good to sit at the bar or something,” D continued. “He kept on arguing with the guy like ‘oh, do you know me?’ this and that, the guy tells him ‘can you do me a favor and leave? Your causing a disturbance.”


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D went on to reveal that he was one of the first people in the bar to pull out his phone and start recording the incident because Brother Nature was “acting like a dickhead,” which is what he claimed led to the confrontation.

“One of the girls he’s with gets really close to my face and goes ‘oh, you can’t film him!’ and then goes ‘give me your phone,'” D continued. “She doesn’t have to get up in my face for nothing while I was eating my sandwich, she goes and tells him (Brother Nature) while he’s screaming at these people (bar staff) and he starts screaming “who’s recording, who’s recording?”


D went on to say that the content creator asked for his phone, which he refused to give up and said he would “smack the nature out” of Brother Nature if he didn’t back up.

“He basically sizes me up and keeps on insisting his issue, so at this point my cousin gets up and is like ‘what’s the problem?’ Then I get up and I ask him ‘yo bro, what are you trying to do?'”

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To make a long story short, D explained to KEEM that things just escalated from there into what looks like prime World Star Hip Hop material.


But before the incident in the viral video took place, there was another fight between the two in the parking lot of the establishment – the video of which is included in the full Drama Alert interview.

It was only after the initial fight took place that Brother Nature returned to the bar, which is where the video that we’ve all seen several times happened, D claimed.

It didn’t take long at all for another side of the story to come out, one that doesn’t support the current narrative of Brother Nature being jumped at all.