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Nikita Dragun drags critics accusing her of using too much Facetune

Published: 7/Dec/2019 21:10

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and model Nikita Dragun is known for her glamorous looks and jaw-dropping Instagram pics – but some critics are accusing her of abusing photo editing app Facetune to achieve her looks.

As Instagram culture and the internet become ever more pervasive in modern society, users across the net are using programs like Photoshop and Facetune to “fine tune” their appearance.

While many social media celebrities have been accused of abusing such software in the past, one major personality is lashing out at haters bashing her for doing so.

Nikita Dragun, InstagramYouTube star Nikita Dragun is most known for taking her viewers through her transition, as well as her glamorous makeup looks and Instagram photos.

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An Instagram account tagged YouTuber-turned-model Nikita Dragun in a post that featured three side-by-side images of the star, with the middle photo being allegedly Facetuned to look picture perfect by shrinking her waist.


“She has a great body,” the caption read. “Why would she make herself look like an alien?” The text was followed by a slew of hashtags, such as “#fake,” “photoshopped,” and even “#kyliejenner.”

Nikita Dragun, Instagram / ClevverTVNikita shared an Instagram post to her story that called out the star for using Facetune.

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Nikita took notice of the post and wasn’t going to take the shade sitting down, creating a hilarious clapback to the dig by putting some extreme Facetune filters on her “unedited” photos.

To match the poster’s insult of “alien,” Nikita shrunk her waist in both side by side photos to the extreme, writing, “I love when these accounts try to expose me… Like you’re new here, I’m sponsored by Facetune at this point.”


Nikita Dragun, Instagram / ClevverTVNikita had the perfect comeback to an Instagram critic.

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The YouTuber’s humorous comeback follows her soul-baring post nearly a month prior, where she faced her “insecurities” by posting a selfie with no makeup, “zits and all.”

“I once said my biggest fear would be to post a pic without makeup or editing,” she wrote of the photo. “I finally realized how crazy that sounded,so here I am, zits and all.”

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i once said my biggest fear would be to post a pic without makeup or editing… i finally realized how crazy that sounded so here i am zits and all 🙂 trying to face my insecurities and working towards loving myself! also understanding my influence over those that follow me… i’ve been reading a lot about Instagram removing likes. the argument is that their is a false sense of validation through the currency of likes… and that influencers like myself are creating a toxic narrative… and it’s TRUE. however my validation comes from the fact that i am a little mixed Trans girl from springfield virginia that somehow took control of HER own narrative! posting my journey on this platform over the years in hopes that i could educate or shine a light on my community that often isn’t as visible in media. i’ve achieved my dreams from these “likes” which to me are a representation of someone… somewhere in the world apart of my journey. so yes i understand the negatives of “the like button” however i have felt the positives of it first hand. forever grateful for everything u guys have given me xo

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Nikita isn’t the only YouTuber to have been slammed for Facetuning her pictures as of late, either: Tana Mongeau was likewise hit with a wave of backlash for heavily editing one of her photos at the People’s Choice Awards, with fans expressing disappointment that she’d changed her appearance so drastically.


For now, it looks like both internet stars are owning their Facetuned photos – and even learning to accept their “flaws,” in the process.