Bride goes viral after blasting mother-in-law for wearing white gown to her wedding

Bride blasts mother-in-law for wearing white gown to her weddingTIKTOK: jazzyhop555

A furious bride has gone viral on TikTok, after calling out her mother-in-law for wearing a white gown to her wedding, and viewers were equally upset on her behalf.

Jasmine Hopper took to TikTok to reveal that the mother of her groom wore a white dress on her big day, and tried to convince the couple that it was not white, but cream with gold sequins.

“MIL shows up to our wedding wearing a literal wedding gown,” Jasmine wrote in a text-overlay on her video, which went viral with over 10 million views. She later elaborated on what happened in a series of videos. 

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“So the day we went wedding dress shopping, my mother-in-law was there with us. I picked out a mermaid-laced sequin-style gown,” the newlywed recalled. “I wanted to look beautiful on my wedding day, I wanted to wear something I could feel sexy in.”

When the wedding day rolled around, Jasmine was focused on doing her own hair and make-up.

“No one could distract me. There was one single thing, not even wearing a white dress to my wedding that could distract me,” she said.

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Bride’s mother-in-law slammed for white gown at wedding

“So when she was wearing that dress and practically showed up in the same dress I was wearing, I really had no reaction other than, ‘Huh. Maybe she shouldn’t be wearing that. That’s weird.'”

According to Jasmine, it didn’t really hit her until the day after the wedding after seeing the photos.

“It wasn’t until the next day that I was looking through the wedding pictures that were sent to me, going ‘why the f*** is she wearing the same dress as me?'” she said. “And I started getting mad and madder and f***ing furious.”

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In a follow-up, the TikToker said that her own family and the rest of the wedding guests had been talking about the mom’s dress during the wedding too.

“It’s embarrassing, it’s actually embarrassing, I can’t even put it into words how embarrassed I am that my mother-in-law wore the same dress as me on my wedding day, it hurts my soul,” Jasmine said.

The married couple did not speak to her for nearly nine months, until she reached out to them. 

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“She was shocked to hear it was because of her dress choice,” Jasmine recalled. “She had no idea that we were upset with her about the dress.”

The mom-in-law then reportedly tried to “gaslight” the couple by saying the dress was a “cream-colored, gold sequined dress.”

“I’m not blind, and neither is everybody I know,” the TikToker said. “That was a white gown. it was absolutely a white dress. A sequined, lace, mermaid-style dress, like mine.”

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Two months later, the mother-in-law tried to apologize to the couple by sending out Christmas cards —  featuring the wedding snaps. Jasmine assured viewers that the mom doesn’t have a relationship with her or her husband anymore.

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