Bride goes viral after losing friend over no plus-one rule at wedding

Wedding photosTIKTOK: corabrei

A bride went viral on TikTok after revealing that she lost her long-term friend over a ‘no-plus-one’ rule at her “intimate” wedding.

TikToker Cora Breilein said she lost a friend of nearly a decade after refusing to allow the woman to bring her new boyfriend as a plus-one to her 96-person wedding. 

“Lost a 7+ year friendship over not inviting a [boyfriend] I never met,” the influencer revealed in a viral video, which has garnered 5.4 million views. Her confession was shared over a screenshot of the “Frequently Asked Questions” page of her wedding website. 

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The site stated that she and her then-fiancé would not be hosting the partners of their guests if the additional person’s name wasn’t already included on the Save the Date card or the formal invitation.

“Our wedding felt so special and intimate knowing everyone there,” Cora continued in the on-screen text of her clip. “It’s worth weeding people that aren’t interested in being part of your life, out.”

Bride's wedding FAQTIKTOK: Corabrei

Many TikTok users in the comments slammed the bride over her plus-one rule, calling the decision “pure insanity” and branding her a “Karen.”

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Cora responded to a critic in a follow-up, explaining that guests were allowed to bring a boyfriend, girlfriend or fiancé to their wedding, as long as she’d already met the plus-one prior to her big day. 

“It [was] just about [inviting] people who will be in our lives long-term,” she said. “If I never met their boyfriend or their girlfriend, I did not feel comfortable inviting them.”

She continued: “The FAQs were there because we had an intentionally small wedding, and we wanted to know every single person there. But a lot of people have a ‘No ring, no invite’ rule, and we were not that strict about it.”

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Despite facing backlash over her wedding restrictions, the TikToker said they helped her special day run smoothly. “I know my wedding day, I know it was a success. I had a lot of fun, my fiancé had a lot of fun, our friends and family had a lot of fun… and that’s all that matters,” she said.

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