This couple had In-N-Out burgers at their wedding and fans are going crazy

Maddy Kinkead
A couple that had fast food at their weddinf

A Miami couple impressed their guests with In-N-Out burgers at their wedding and people on TikTok are amazed.

TikToker @gabriella.craan posted a TikTok showcasing her sister’s wedding, where she celebrated her big day in style with In-N-Out burgers.

Instead of traditional wedding food, the happy couple went for something a little bit different, which went down a treat with the guests. The TikTok features guests queuing up at a big In-N-Out stall complete with staff and burgers that look exactly like the ones you get at the drive-thru. Viewers on TikTok are taking notes too, and with over five million views, lots of people are wondering how they can get fast food at their big events:

Fans in the comments were asking how much this would cost, and one commenter noted, “There is a minimum of $2,000 and it goes towards what you are ordering. No fries and the location has to have clearance for the truck.”

If you live on the West Coast, In-N-Out can bring a “Cookout Truck” to your big events and serve up burgers to your guests, however, there won’t be any fries.

Others under the TikTok were commenting that they had met their partners at In-N-Out, so this would be a meaningful addition to their big day. One user even commented, “If I don’t have this for my future wedding I don’t want a wedding PERIOD!!!”