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Bradley Martyn’s landlord allegedly suing star over unpaid utility bills

Published: 30/Nov/2021 21:46

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star and fitness influencer Bradley Martyn is purportedly being sued by his landlord, who claims the star is behind on paying his rent and utilities for his Zoo Culture gym.

On November 20, SteveWillDoIt of Nelk Boys’ fame threw a mock “protest” outside the gym of influencer Bradley Martyn.

Among the throng of fans who showed up to the event was Martyn’s alleged landlord, who was interviewed by YouTuber ‘The Sync’ about his thoughts on the sudden crowd outside the establishment.

The landlord spilled the proverbial beans, claiming that he would be taking legal action against Martyn for violating the terms of his lease — as well as a purported two year’s worth of unpaid utilities.


Bradley Martyn’s landlord allegedly taking influencer to court

His landlord claimed that he was taking this route as city ordinances prevent landlords from evicting tenants during the global health crisis, prompting him to sue Martyn over other matters.

“He’s my tenant,” he explained. “He hasn’t paid rent or electricity. We’re going to court. We’re getting him not for rent, but for not doing what the lease called for him to be able to do. He hasn’t even talked to his own attorney.”

The landlord claimed that the city had turned off Martyn’s electricity, prompting the influencer to grab a few generators before breaking into the building’s maintenance room and destroying the city’s lock to turn his power back on.


Bradley Martyn with Stevewilldoit
Instagram: Bradley Martyn
SteveWillDoIt’s mock “protest” against Bradley Martyn was all in jest, as the two influencers are good friends.

That’s not all; the property owner also stated that they’d hired five parking attendants to control crowds outside of Martyn’s gym, which cost “twice” the amount of his rent — which also, allegedly, hasn’t been paid.

“He’s a very nice guy, he just has no attention span,” the landlord ended his spiel.

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It’s important to take this interview with a grain of salt, as the entire protest surrounding Martyn’s gym was a joke, and he and SteveWillDoIt are good friends.

Martyn has yet to respond to the landlord’s comments at the time of writing.