Boy goes viral on TikTok after accidentally swallowing dog’s squeaky toy

TikToker goes viral after swallowing dog squeaky Jesper Brouwers / TikTok: brownjonathan33

One TikToker’s unfortunate accident is going viral on social media after he documented his trip to the doctor’s office after swallowing a dog’s squeaky toy.

They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease… but in this case, it’s getting a whole lot of attention on TikTok.

A young lad by the name of Jonathan Serrano is taking the platform by storm after sharing his recent adventure to a hospital. The emergency? He’d somehow swallowed a squeaky toy meant for dogs.

The ensuing footage is nothing short of hilarious (if unfortunate for Serrano), with a nurse unable to control her laughter as the boy gave a few squeaky giggles for his mom, who wanted to film the whole ordeal for posterity.

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It’s a good thing she did, too, because the video has now racked up over 21 million views and counting.

Viewers were left guffawing by the short clip, for which the TikToker gave a brief explanation down in the comments section.

According to the kiddo, the nurse struggling not to laugh in his video “was cool,” but “thought I was really stupid” for accidentally swallowing the toy.

tiktoker explains accidentally swallowing dog toy copyTikTok: brownjonathan33

“I’d die from not being able to stop laughing,” one user admitted.

“He reminds me of a human version of Wheezy,” another said, referencing the penguin from Toy Story.

“My dog started looking around for the toy,” another joked.

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TikToker explains how he accidentally swallowed squeaky dog toy

The TikToker expounded upon his squeaky toy misadventure in a follow-up video, explaining that the canine trinket “looked like a kazoo,” giving him the idea to “play” it by blowing air in and out of the toy, thereby “annoying my mom.”

“My mom tried to hit me, and I got scared, and I [inhale], and it went down my throat and into my lungs,” he explained. “And so every time I talked or laughed, it would squeak. …I was in the ER all night.”

Luckily, Serrano is now squeaky-toy-free and is able to talk without causing people to burst into laughter.

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His incident follows another viral moment on TikTok where a mother waxed her three-year-old daughter’s eyebrows to “prevent bullying.”