‘Bourbon Wife’ goes viral on TikTok for hilarious taste test fails

Alan Bernal

A ‘Bourbon Wife’ on TikTok is going viral for her painful attempts to share in her husband’s hobby, and people are loving her persistence.

TikTok fame can spark off dancing trends or creative uses of the platform, and non-bourbon-drinking Erin Plummer found one that’s been getting more love from the site’s audience. If you’ve seen a few of her clips, then you’ve caught her catchy opening before picking out a new bottle from her husband’s collection.

There’s a timeless gag in watching someone distastefully realizing how gross alcohol can be, so there’s a lot TikTok viewers can relate to here.

Every video starts out the same, but the reactions to different tastes and drinks keep the views rolling for the TikToker.

Her biggest video has so far amassed two million views from a tasting of Knob Creek’s concoction that didn’t yield great results – but the viewer kind of knows that coming into it.

Mix in the occasional meme, skit, fun editing and occasional cameos from her super smeller daughter to pick out all the notes, and you start to see why people keep watching the Bourbon Wife.

Plummer recently eclipsed 30k followers, at the time of writing, and she’s been thinking about celebrating it with a special tasting – which could come at the expense of a pricey bottle from her husband’s collection.

The TikToker is still refining her formula. But seeing as it could be a little while before Plummer takes to bourbon, expect for the drinks to keep on flowing.

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