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Boogie2988 under fire for “tasteless” joke about teammate’s divorced parents

Published: 14/Feb/2019 12:11 Updated: 14/Oct/2020 17:20

by Matt Porter


Popular YouTuber Steven ‘Apex Legends on Wednesday, February 13, teaming with random players picked for him by the game.

It was during one of these matches that Boogie2988 made a comment about one of his teammates, specifically circumstances involving his family life.

Respawn EntertainmentThe streamer was playing Apex Legends when he made the comment.[ad name=”article2″]

When jumping into the match of Apex Legends, Williams immediately asked one of his new teammates: “Are your parents still alive?” with his teammate confirming that both of his parents were still alive.

Boogie2988 then responded: “Are your parents still together?” to which the random squad member stated that they were not.


“Maybe I should take point then,” said Williams. “If your parents aren’t together, you probably come from a broken home. You’re probably going to get really angry when we start losing. Maybe you just learned how to channel that anger.”

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After the clip was shared to Reddit, users criticized Boogie for his comments, calling them insensitive and questioning why he would make such remarks to a stranger.

Williams has admitted that his comments were “tasteless” and he understands why “it doesn’t seem funny.” Boogie 2988 also wrote on Twitter that it was a joke, and that he wasn’t “making fun of the dude for coming from a broken home,” saying that if he had, he would “apologize immediately.”


Williams has reiterated that he believes the teammate who was involved in the incident took the comments as a joke and wasn’t upset by the situation.