Body painter hits out at Twitch for permanent ban despite being “fully covered”

Bodypainter Virtualkookie with paint on herTwitter: VirtualKookiee

Twitch body painter ‘VirtualKookie’ has hit out at the streaming platform after receiving an indefinite ban for a bodypainting stream, despite claiming they were fully covered up.

For most people, when you think of Twitch, you think of gaming streamers and esports events running wild, but that’s not always the case. Just Chatting and artistic streams are pretty popular as well. Its not uncommon to find a streamer making music in front of thousands of viewers.

However, when it comes to bodypainting, that’s a more controversial topic. For some, it is an art form just like any other, but other viewers argue it’s inappropriate and breaks Twitch rules.

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As a result, body painters are constantly fighting to keep their channels afloat after being banned, with many needing to take to Twitter or Instagram to call out Twitch.

body painter with Harley Quinn art on their bodyInstagram: VirtualKookie
VirtualKookie has done a wide range of bodypaintings on Twitch.

Bodypainting streamer VirtualKookie, who has around 5,000 followers on Twitch and 12,000 on Instagram, took to Twitter after being indefinitely banned.

“Not once did they respond to my appeals because Twitch Support (and) Twitch know it’s nothing to find that went against Twitch rules,” the streamer tweeted, showing different emails showing that ‘inappropriate body art’ was the reason behind her ban. “Also I’m always covered, I never get up on stream, & I never just chat after stream while paint is still on. Once’s done I’m off. So what?”

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VirtualKookie further noted that her ban came pretty much right after she’d finished up her stream and that trolls may have played a part.

Twitch has altered their rules on body painting a couple of times after being called out by different body painters, but these strange suspensions continue to be imposed.

There’s no telling if Twitch will change their rules again, or if they’ll cut VirtualKookie’s ban short – as of writing, her channel is suspended. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.