Captain Lee reveals his favorite Below Deck memory

Theo Burman
captain lee below deck

After a decade of service as the iconic Captain of Below Deck, Lee Rosbach has revealed what his favorite moment from ten seasons of the show is.

Below Deck is a show full of unbelievable moments, mostly coming from the crewmates stuck in close quarters with each other. Normally, Captain Lee sits above the drama, and doesn’t get involved.

But some of the show’s most emotional moments have always revolved around the usually stoic and reserved captain, and the times when he shows genuine emotion.

Captain Lee recalls the best moment of Below Deck

For Captain Lee, nothing topped the moment that he got to see his wife coming down the docks towards him in Season 5.

captain lee below deck
Although Captain Lee is leaving the show, he’ll still be making appearances on Reality TV

Lee has been married to Mary Anne Rosbach for 45 years, and although she doesn’t spend much time on the show or on the ships Lee captains, she has made a couple of appearances.

And in Lee’s eyes, the best of these appearances was in Season 5, when she visited to check in on him during a very stressful season.

Recalling the moment, he said: “To have Mary Anne come out and give me just a little bit of a respite from the grind, is really a pleasure.”

Captain Lee has remained a fan-favorite since the very first season, and has been the rock of the show for a decade of filming.

This made the decision for him to leave the show over health concerns particularly controversial with fans, many of whom wanted him to stay on for much longer.

Lee has always enjoyed speaking with fans and well-wishers on his Twitter account, where he speaks about his time on Below Deck fondly.

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