Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 fans are disgusted by the first charter guests

Alex from Below Deck Sailing YachtYouTube: Bravo

Even though progress was made in the new episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, fans were fixated on the behavior of the guests.

The premiere episode of the season started with a disaster. The engine of the yacht was not working, which meant that the crew of the Parisfall III would not be able to leave the dock. Making matters worse, there were impatient guests on board, meaning Chief Stew Daisy and the rest of the crew had to entertain while maintaining their duties.

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Fans were worried that this would stop the season’s voyages before they even started, but Chief Engineer Colin was able to fix the engine in this new episode and now the Parisfall III is up and running.

This news should have put viewers at ease, but most were not happy with the guests on board the charter.

What did fans think of the Below Deck Sailing Yacht guests?

When the cameras panned to the rooms of the guests, fans were outraged by what they saw. Their clothes were thrown aimlessly all over the place, and there were even stains on the sheets and on the carpet. None of the guests seemed to even give the crew a heads-up of the mess before they left the boat.

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Viewers were mad that the guests had the audacity to complain about their experience when they were causing such a chore for the cleanup crew. One fan also pointed out the ‘ironic’ timing that the guests decided to start complaining.

Some fans were trying to defend the guests, as they didn’t get what they paid for on the trip. They were expecting a running ship and that isn’t what they got.

These guests have left, which means that the next episode will bring in an all-new charter. Hopefully, with a now-working ship, the rest of the season will be smooth sailing.

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