Woman divides viewers after buying $30 bag of ice from Erewhon

Kawter Abed
Erewhon customer with $30 bag of ice

An Erewhon customer has gone viral on TikTok after buying a $30 bag of ice balls from the high-end grocery store.

TikToker Lizzie Dushaj (lizziedushaj) picked up a $30 bag of eight sphered cocktail ice balls from Erewhon, the California-based grocery store currently going viral for its pricey products.

“It’s meant to be used for whiskey. I don’t even drink alcohol. I’m just an idiot,” she said in her video, which has amassed over 9 million views. “It’s supposed to be made out of really special minerals that won’t water down your alcohol or something.”

Although the store doesn’t mention any “special minerals,” it does claim that the ice balls melt slower than traditional ice cubes, and can be used for alcoholic beverages and iced coffees.

In her video, Lizzie grabbed an ice ball from the bag to try it. With disappointment in her voice, she said it “tastes like water.” She then dropped it into a glass of water to see whether it’d turn crystal clear as promised. After a brief wait, she retrieved it and was amazed that it looked like a “crystal ball.”

Lizzie then left the ice ball on her sink for 20 minutes. While it ended up looking slightly smaller, it hadn’t melted that much. “I would test out how long it lasts until it melts, but I’m really lazy,” she said.

TikTok users in the comments couldn’t believe they just watched someone perform a taste test on ice. “Did I just watch you taste test ice,” one person wrote. “The taste test took me out,” another said.

But most expressed their shock over the ice bag’s price. “I’m convinced we’re in Black Mirror. This is the last straw,” one user shared. “This is the equivalent of getting premium air in your tires,” another quipped. “My fridge does this who is paying $30 for that,” a third added.

Lizzie later revealed that she didn’t pay for the ice balls. “The cashier never charged me for it,” she wrote in the comments. “I made a video about it but TikTok took it down for criminal activity.”

The prices at Erewhon are by design though, with co-owner Tony Antoci telling The Hollywood Reporter: “We are catering to the affluent.”

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