Insane hammock bathtub goes viral as the internet hates it

Shay Robson
Carbon fiber hammock bathtub hanging from ceiling

A hammock bathtub made out of carbon fiber has gone viral across social media, but the internet absolutely hates the idea.

Thanks to the rise of short-form video platforms such as TikTok, just about anything can go viral across social media in today’s world.

Despite millions of videos being posted every day, the chances of going viral are greater than ever as billions of users consume videos across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Carbon fiber hammock bathtub goes viral

Realtor’s ‘prestigehouses’ on Instagram went viral with their post on January 29, showing off a luxury home that has a bathtub hammock made entirely out of carbon fiber hanging from the ceiling.

According to the manufacturer’s website, the hammock bathtub will set you back roughly $37k.

At the time of writing, the post has over 980k likes. But, despite all its glamour, it appears the internet isn’t too fond of the idea.

In the replies to the post, many mocked the design for various reasons. Its practicality was the main talking point, explaining the design ill-thought-out. “This is absolutely worthless,” said one. “Can you imagine rolling around in that thing trying to wash yourself?”

Some claimed they’d barely wash themselves given how shallow the tub looks, while others discussed how impractical it is as a whole. “This is not functional at all, it’s cute though,” one user wrote.

“I can barely get out of a real hammock, and you made it slippery?” said another. “And if you wanna add some more hot water you’ve come to get OUT of the tub to turn on the valve and then hop BACK in,” a third user added.

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