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Twitch streamer drinks Belle Dellephine’s bath water on broadcast

Published: 9/Jul/2019 18:27 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 15:20

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer ‘Johnny_Now’ honored Instagram personality Belle Kirschner, famously known as Belle Delphine, by setting the stage to drink her viral bathwater she put up for sell only one week prior.

In another meme-fueled venture, Delphine started packaging and distributing her bathwater, which was apparently met with a surprisingly large demand. While buyers are told not to drink the product, since it should only be used for “sentimental purposes,” not everyone is sticking close to the warning label.

Johnny_Now TwitchThe streamer looked honored to be drinking such a prized possession.

Going the extra mile for a spicy meme, Johnny_Now upped the ante by filling a “holy chalice” with Delphine’s bathwater to give it a good chug but not before noticing the “floaties” suspended in the liquid.


Swashing around the bathwater in his mouth, the streamer took his time getting down all the flavor notes before throwing it down the chute.

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“Mmm, surprising aftetaster,” Johnny_Now said after taking a big gulp of bathwater. “It has like a little spice to it. This was very nice. This was worth it. I think this was worth it. Wow. Thank you so much Belle [Delphine].”

The streamer even topped off his cup before going back for seconds, jokingly calling the water the “fountain of youth” as he went in for more.

The streamer has gone to great lengths for memes

Johnny_Now and his chat were equally hyped for the big moment as the streamer went through tremendous lengths to acquire the bathwater in time for his broadcast.


“I spent $100 just on the shipping alone to get this here,” Johnny_Now said. “I saw this as a meme-worthy experience, I knew right away the second that this was going to blow up, and I had to order it. I placed an order the first day it came out.”

Belle Delphine InstagramThe online personality has a strong following that were really taken with her unique product.

Though his viewers will be familiar with his on-stream performances as he locked himself in a cage for 30 days to cure his “addiction” to unhealthy food and drinks.

It seems his time in the cage didn’t prepare him for Delphine’s hyped up bathwater as it seems he took a strong liking to the unique product.