Bella Poarch eyeing Marvel movie part following TikTok and music success

Bella Poarch CoachellaTwitter: Bella Poarch

Bella Poarch may have conquered TikTok with her wild facial expressions and lip-syncs, but the content creator has revealed she hopes to show off her acting skills in future movie roles. She’s even got her eye on becoming a Marvel superhero. 

TikTok creator Bella Poarch first started making waves on the app back in 2020. After going viral with her lip-sync to ‘M To The B,’ which became the most liked video on TikTok, Poarch quickly became one of the biggest stars on the platform alongside Addison Rae and Charli D’Amelio.

Poarch went on to prove she had her own singing skills by releasing a couple of pop singles. For her ‘Build A B*tch’ music video, she enlisted the help of several famous content creators, including Valkyrae and Bretman Rock.

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Now, Poarch has her sights on Hollywood and hopes to be a future action film star.

bella poarch tiktok starTwitter: @bellapoarch
Bella Poarch has conquered TikTok now she wants to conquer Hollywood

Bella Poarch talks future acting plans

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Poarch explained all about her life from a Navy veteran to an international TikTok star with 89.3 million followers on the platform, as of writing.

While Poarch made her name on the app, she explained how she has some ambitious plans for the future, eyeing up a potential acting career. Although “music is the priority,” Poarch hopes to star in films in the future as “an action star or a Marvel superhero.”

Poarch also hinted that we could see her fighting talents in her next music video, which she filmed after “a few weeks of combat training.”

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If Poarch was cast in an action film, her experiences working in the navy would certainly prove handy. Enlisting when she was 17, Poarch stayed in the navy for four years, being stationed in Japan and Hawaii.

“My job [was] picking up 80-pound, big machine guns and taking them to helicopters and doing maintenance on them. They would make fun of me: ‘Oh, you’re so tiny.’ But it helped me push myself. It taught me that even if you’re the smallest person, you can do whatever you want. You can get through a lot of things.”

Poarch may be keeping her upcoming single a tight-knit secret for now. However, with the 25-year-old hinting that she could be collaborating with Grimes and that Twitch star Mizkif will be making an appearance in the upcoming video, there is clearly much to look forward to from the TikTok star.

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