ATM video goes viral for scoreboard ranking money in your account against others

viral ATMTwitter: Joel Franco and Youtube: Diplo

In a viral video, an ATM machine ranked the users by the total amount of money they held in their bank account, with the top user holding onto a shocking sum of money.

Sometimes rocking up to a bank and using the ATM can be a depressing experience. But could you imagine your account being ranked by others at your bank?

Showcased in a viral video on Twitter, user Joel Franco highlighted a brand new ATM machine that did just that.

Unlike the conventional ATM machine, which values privacy and allows the user to manage their money, this new ATM machine directly compares the users, ranking them according to their total money.

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This is essentially IRL ranked, but it’s a bit more embarrassing to perform “poorly”. In the viral video, the person recording explains how the machine works.

“This is an ATM where once you put in your debit card, it’ll take a picture of you and it’ll put your bank account balance on the leaderboard, and it’ll rank among other guests to see who has the most money currently.”

The video creator then showcased the top ranked person, who had a whopping sum of $2.98 million in their bank account. But this score was beat by none other than Diplo, famous DJ and musical artist, who showed off a high score of $3 million.

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It eventually creeped up to more than $9 million by the end of the night.

On the other hand, a couple of people had zero dollars, marking a stark contrast between the top and the bottom of the leaderboard.

People began memeing the ATM, poking fun at themselves if they were ever to participate in this interesting competition.

So for those broke people going on a first date, it’s probably not the best idea to try and show off your in this particular game. You’re likely better off going to a conventional arcade, and attempting to win your date something memorable.

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