Shopper goes viral tricking Walmart into letting him buy display that’s not for sale

tiktoker buys walmart displayTikTok/realbusboys

A Walmart shopper is going viral on TikTok for discovering a way to buy displays for items that aren’t even on sale.

Have you ever been at a store and really admired an item display? Maybe it’s a cardboard cutout of a mascot or a statue of Mario, you want it, but it’s not for sale. What do you do?

One bold TikToker figured out a way to actually buy these displays, but it’s quite nefarious and could get you in trouble if you’re caught.

In a video going viral, ‘realbusboys’ showed exactly how they managed to walk out of Walmart with a Jack Daniels display, despite a close call with the store’s staff.

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TikToker tricks Walmart staff to buy display

In the clip, realbusboys got another item’s tag and put it on the display, thereby making it available for purchase.

After somehow fitting the monstrosity into his shopping cart, the TikToker approached the checkout where employees began to “ask questions.”

Somehow, the shopper was able to talk his way through the transaction, got a receipt and made it through the doors with the Jack Daniels display in his cart.

Amazingly, in the comments, the TikToker revealed he put an $8.49 tag on the display, which probably made the whole encounter with staff a lot more difficult.

Some users, however, aren’t impressed. For one, they claim the video takes place in a Meijer and not a Walmart. Others are slamming the TikToker for uploading a crime to the internet.

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Regardless, the video has gone quite viral, amassing over 14.5 million views in just a few weeks. Now, realbusboys can enjoy his viral fame while admiring his Jack Daniels statue at his own home.