Asmongold under fire for “changing” stance on Blizzard controversy

Published: 12/Oct/2019 23:32 Updated: 12/Oct/2019 23:57

by Scott Robertson


The popular World of Warcraft streamer got some unwanted attention from the community when he responded on stream to a request from Blizzard to change one of his character’s names.

It’s all good until someone messes with the character name. But people on Reddit and YouTube are quick to point out the discrepancy with the replacement.

On his October 11 stream, Asmongold quickly pointed out that his Warlock character of 13 years named ‘Krakmonkey’ had its name flagged, and would require a change. Out of protest, he named it something topical to spite Blizzard.

With ‘Krakmonkey’ flagged, he renamed his character Freehõngkõng.

“Blizzard, if you want to play this game, I’ll play all f*****g day. You want to start this s**t with me? You want to report my Warlock’s name and say that now it’s a problem? Well, you know what else is a problem? Hong Kong.”

Asmongold said he would “negotiate” with Blizzard, and said if he could have the Krakmonkey name back then “we can call it even.” Until then, he says while laughing, “I’m a revolutionary.”

But viewers on Reddit and YouTube have jumped to point out that Asmongold isn’t actually trying to stand up for Hong Kong, having just days prior to his October 11 stream, defended the decision Blizzard made regarding the blitzchung controversy.

In recent days during streams and on Twitter, Asmongold has said that Blizzard were in the right regarding their decision, saying that blitzchung willingly broke what was stated in the contract and thus should be punished.

To be very clear, Asmongold is in no way siding with China or disagreeing with the message that blitzchung is communicating, but is siding with Blizzard’s choice on the matter because the Hearthstone player willingly broke the contracted rules, and because he believes Blizzard is willing to take some bad press and boycotts in America rather than risk losing their entire Chinese market.

BlizzardThe now famous image of blitzchung speaking on the Hong Kong protests

Because of this, his decision to name his character Freehõngkõng as a form of “protest” has not gone over well with people on the internet, who are upset that he has now only changed his tune when one of his character’s names was flagged.

On Reddit, several users criticized him for the new character name. User realshottgg wrote “Fakemangold cashing in on tragedy for attention.” Other users mocked him for trying to “stick to Blizzard” while still streaming their game to thousands of people.

On various Asmongold highlights YouTube channels, such as Daily Dose of Asmongold and Asmongold Moments, the videos where the streamer discusses his views on the Blizzard controversy are some of the most downvoted, with several comments referring to him as a “shill.”

The controversy regarding Blizzard, blitzchung, China, and Hong Kong is likely to come up again in some form at BlizzCon on November 2. Stay tuned to Dexerto for all news up to and including the event.


Conor McGregor explains why YouTube boxing is “good business” for the sport

Published: 16/Jan/2021 1:20

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Jake Paul and Logan Paul helped popularize ‘YouTube Boxing’ in recent years, although it’s often described as a mockery of the sport. However, Conor McGregor explained why he isn’t against it and thinks it’s good business.

Conor McGregor has been focused on his upcoming UFC 257 bout against Dustin Poirier for a while now. However, that hasn’t stopped Jake Paul from doing his best to rope the former double champion into an exhibition boxing match.

Jake first called him out back in November 2020 after he knocked out Nate Robinson. Then, he taunted him to accept a $50 million fight offer several weeks later and has been flailing about ever since. 

He still hasn’t managed to get his attention. However, his antics did draw out comments from UFC President Dana White and Conor’s coach, John Kavanagh. Now, Conor has finally shared his thoughts on YouTube boxing as a whole, and here’s what he had to say.

Jake Paul Conor McGregor
Jake Paul / Conor McGregor
Jake Paul has tried and failed to bait a response from Conor McGregor.

“A lot of people are criticizing [YouTube boxing] as maybe making a bit of a mockery of fighting,” asked an interviewer. It’s the predominant view among fans of combat sports. “I want you to weigh in on that for me.” 

“If they are fighting, well, then it can’t make a mockery of fighting, right?” said Conor. “They’re getting in, and they’re competing. I am not so much against it. The YouTube kid and the NBA star competing [was] good business.

“Am I into those competitions myself? It’s not the most high level if any level… [but] as they say if it makes dollars, it makes sense,” he added. “I know Dana and the UFC are not really into it, but… I’m not so against it. I think if people are willing to get in and take the risk of making that walk, I am certainly a viewer.”


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Conor’s opinion might come as a surprise to fans who expected him to make scathing comments. However, as a businessman himself, it seems like he’s all for it. Plus, as he said, YouTube boxers are still fighting and giving it their all.

On another note, Conor didn’t seem too incensed about Jake. He barely mentioned him at all. 

Still, it’s only a matter of time before Jake responds, and there’s no doubt he won’t be too thrilled about being referred to as “the YouTube kid.”