Asmongold slams “ridiculous” people who spend thousands on NFTs

A screenshot of Asmongold and an NFT.Twitch: Asmongold / Pixabay

Twitch star Asmongold isn’t afraid to voice his opinions on topical matters, and now, the rise of NFTs has moved into his crosshair. However, his views on blockchain technology aren’t sitting well with everyone. 

The exponential rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has become a daily topic of conversation the internet, with views about them being split across the board.

Many influencers have gotten involved with Bitcoin, Altcoins, and NFTs – with the latter being a major source of controversy for some, especially as they creep further into the gaming sphere.

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Non-fungible tokens are cryptographic tokens, normally depicting an image or moment. However, due to their “fungible” nature, they can’t be exchanged for other NFTs. Instead, they are traded for different blockchain.

asmongold-twich-streamer-1-1Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold has over 2.4 million Twitch subscribers.

Asmongold slams “ridiculous” NFTs

In the case of Asmongold, he sees “the value” in NFTs “as technology,” however he isn’t entirely convinced on them as a whole.

“Am I the only one who finds people scrambling to spend thousands of dollars on a picture of a monkey ridiculous?” asked the content creator, addressing the functionality of NFTs to his audience.

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Furthermore, Asmongold added: “Am I out of touch, or have people lost their minds?”

One commenter, in particular, took issue with Asmongold’s statement: “Of course it sounds ridiculous when you phrase it like that. But you can say the same thing for WoW.” They didn’t stop taking shots there either, adding “Am I the only one who finds people scrambling to spend thousands of dollars on a game they already paid for, to keep playing it?” Another comment said: “Same could be said about people spending money to watch other people play video games.”

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Despite some backlash, most commenters have shown a collective agreement on Asmongold’s views: “The technology will evolve and be very valuable but yes, things like BAYC and profile pic NFTs are cringe. Agreed.”

With NFTs continuing to rise in popularity, we’re sure Asmongold won’t be releasing his own soon.

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