NICKMERCS explains why he doesn’t need to quit Apex Legends for Warzone

NICKMERCS next to Apex and Warzone logosYT: NICKMERCS / Respawn / Activision

YouTube and Twitch star NICKMERCS has explained why he doesn’t need to quit Apex Legends for Warzone on Twitch, despite some viewers growing tired of the Respawn battle royale. 

Despite making a name for himself in Call of Duty and Fortnite, it’s been a while since viewers of NICKMERCS have seen him playing either title.

The FaZe Clan star has found himself playing Apex Legends almost exclusively, investing serious hours into Respawn’s battle royale and even reaching the prestigious rank of Apex Predator.

However, despite his obvious affection for the game, a number of his viewers still want to see him play Warzone, a point they made during a recent stream.

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WarzoneActivision / Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends and Warzone are two of the biggest battle royales around.

In response, though, the 31-year-old explained why he’ll be sticking with Apex Legends, even if is his average viewing figures are slightly down.

“[I’ve] been streaming for 10 years man, I’ve never ever streamed a game because a viewer in my chat said stream that game,” he said. “Listen, understanding the view count ain’t 40k or 50k, that’s okay bro. I’m fine, we’re chilling. It’s about me having fun. If that pushes people away that pushes people away. I’m so okay with that.”

He went on to explain that change is a part of life and, despite his talents and love for Warzone and CoD, he “hit a wall” with the game that pushed him towards Apex Legends.

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Timestamp – 0:15 

When a viewer also suggested he would be financially hurting himself by sticking with Apex, Nick responded passionately and highlighted that he’s never played video games for money.

“When I started to game it wasn’t about the money. Does the money help? Yeah for sure. But gaming for me is a passion, it’s not about money, it never was,” he said. “Am I making a lot of money [playing] Apex or Warzone? Yes. I don’t need no f**king Warzone to make money. With the community we have I’m pretty confident I could stream f**king me going to bed every night and I think I’d still make money… So whatever. It’s not about money.”

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The comments further cement NICKMERCS’ humility and his standing as one of the nicest guys on Twitch. We can expect to see him sticking with Apex Legends for some time yet.