Asmongold shocked after discovering David Harbour watches his Twitch streams

asmongold david harbourAsmongold/David Harbour

Twitch star Asmongold was shocked when he discovered Stranger Things star David Harbour is an avid viewer of his World of Warcraft broadcasts.

David Harbour is mostly known for his role as James Hopper in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things, but behind the scenes, Harbour is an avid gamer.

He recently signed on as one of the faces of World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Dragonflight, even streaming the game live along with WoW’s biggest broadcasters like Maximum and Naguura.

While he was playing Dragonflight, he gave a shoutout to Twitch’s biggest WoW streamer, Asmongold, who was in complete shock when he found out.

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David Harbour shouts out Asmongold on Twitch stream

Harbour was playing with fans on December 3 when a fellow WoW player asked him to rate his transmogrification outfit in-game.

David was nervous and said, “Oh, wow. This is some Asmongold stuff right here.” He went on to completely roast the blue Shoulders the player was wearing, which Asmon also thought were quite an eye sore and didn’t match the rest of the outfit at all.

Asmongold even typed in chat during the broadcast, “TELL DAVID I LOVE HIM” in an attempt to get his attention.

The OTK streamer also said of Harbour’s acknowledgement, “Well, of course, right, I mean like, that’s bada**. The guy knows my stream. He’s like a massively famous actor. This is really cool for me.”

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One of Asmon’s viewers suggested David could join in on his famous transmog competitions, to which Asmongold said, “Yeah, we’ll see what happens.”