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Asmongold lost for words over FFXIV Dark Knight quest line

Published: 13/Aug/2021 21:48

by Dylan Horetski


Video games can throw a curveball any minute when playing them for the first time. This case of Asmongold playing Final Fantasy XIV Online definitely took a turn he did not expect. 

Twitch streamer Asmongold is known for primarily playing World Of Warcraft, but recently has decided to take some time away from the Blizzard-owned MMO.

With the time away, he has taken interest in another MMO – Square Enix’s own Final Fantasy XIV Online.

In the streamer’s August 12 broadcast, he can be seen progressing through the Dark Night quest line, in which the player has to speak to the Ishgardian Citizen in The Pillars to obtain the quest Our End.


Doing so, Asmongold stumbles upon a section of the quest that doesn’t seem to fit the design of the characters story.

final fantasy online
Square Enix
Final Fantasy XIV online is Square Enix’s alternative to Blizzards World of Warcraft

Asmongold reaches a shocking point

While Asmongold progresses through the Dark Knight quest line, he stumbles upon a group of singing fairy-like creatures called Moogle.

After initiating the conversation with the group and reading off a few lines of the cutscene, it hits him: “I cannot believe this is the Dark Knight quest line. This is the Dark Knight quest line… are you kidding me?!”

After a quick scowl of confusion, he continues to read off the text in the cutscene – acting like nothing even happened despite showing his shocked expression.


Continuing on with the game, Asmongold seems to be fairly unamused by the inclusion of the Moogle is such a dark storyline.

Whether or not the streamer has played so many MMO’s that he’s entirely unbothered by the unexpected inclusion is a question for another day.

All we know right now is that he definitely was not expecting it.